Why choose a Broker?

Why use a broker

Getting a foot in the door of your dream home might be getting harder but talking to a Finance Point mortgage broker could get you the keys more quickly.

Purchasing a property in today’s housing market is not for the faint-hearted. Would-be homebuyers have only to turn on their TV – or check Facebook or Twitter – for the latest news informing them that their dream home is slipping further out of reach.

When you add in the challenge of sourcing the right loan, first homebuyers can be forgiven for thinking twice about taking that first step on the property ladder. But the truth is, it’s not quite as hard as you think.

Research has shown that 59.1% of all new housing loans in Australia were written through mortgage brokers in last quarter of 2018 , and that is because buyers know that brokers can provide a level of advice that banks simply can’t. Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia believes that broker market share will be 75% by 2024.

If you feel like the door to your perfect home is just not opening, here are five keys a Finance Point broker could be holding.

  • Choices, not ultimatums

    Finance Point Brokers have a direct line to a large panel of quality lenders, so we can crunch the numbers and give buyers a comparison of the best interest rates and most suitable products available from that panel.

    The panel, of course, includes the four major banks – NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and ANZ, and also takes the pulse of highly competitive regional and second-tier lenders, as well as niche lenders that might suit borrowers like the self-employed or credit impaired clients. We have a deep understanding of the products available to borrowers and can offer sound & tailored advice on your home loan options.

    While your lender is likely to do everything possible to accommodate an application, they won’t recommend a competitor down the road. It’s always best to shop around and get your options on the table carefully selected and recommended by a Finance Point broker.

  • Answers, not questions

    Finance Point mortgage brokers are steeped in product developments and trends, and can make sure borrowers are asking themselves the right questions at the right times.

    Whether it’s considering the advantages of a fixed, variable or split home loan; making sure borrowers have an offset account; or what a good rate discount looks like at any given time - we put our knowledge to work for borrowers.

    Real-time experience with multiple lenders also gives us insight into things that are important during and after settlement, such as bank service levels.

  • Service, not sleeplessness

    We, the brokers, are human beings that borrowers can talk to face to face and who will often come to their homes or answer their urgent calls, even after work hours.

    In this environment, the application process is particularly important. Finding the right information can be very time-consuming but, if you rush through it, you’re reducing your chance of having the loan approved.

    We do the tiresome legwork to ensure that application and loan paperwork is processed efficiently, and we can speak to the right people - just in case if something goes wrong.

  • Savings, not costs

    We advocate for borrowers to save them money over the life of their loan. On many occasions, we have been able to source more competitive interest rates while using our relationships to negotiate rate discounts or other benefits, such as fee waivers.

    We also help borrowers stay on top of any penalties, fees or other hidden charges or costs that might negatively impact a prospective borrower.

  • Reality and dreams

    Optimistic first-time borrowers often approach a bank or broker wanting to borrow too much. Part of a Finance Point broker’s job is to give these borrowers a helpful reality check. Lenders also have to adhere to the ASIC’s responsible lending obligations, meaning they will only let you borrow an amount that you have the ability to pay back.

    As part of the loan-application process, we often sit borrowers down to ask a range of lifestyle-related questions, as well as to assess the basics of income.

    By breaking down the mortgage into monthly and weekly chunks and comparing them with lifestyle expectations, brokers can help borrowers adjust their expectations – before they find themselves sacrificing their lifestyle.

    The key to a successful relationship is Trust & Transparency. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for your Finance Point Broker to find the loan that best meets your needs.

Buying a property is the biggest financial decision most people will make in their lives, and that decision is only getting harder. The last thing homebuyers need is the added hassle of applying for a loan without the knowledge, experience, and service of someone who does it every day. When you know someone has the keys, wouldn’t it be best to use them?

Contact a Finance Point Broker today for more information about how we can help you get your foot in the property door!