About Us

Finance is a complex word and it is definitely not just about getting the best interest rates on your mortgage. Finding the best rates available is probably a 5-minute task for us, and with technology such strong - anyone could do that.

We believe in a holistic ‘2-step approach’ of fully educating our clients and structuring their mortgage right. These two most important things help them in achieving their future financial goals faster and grow their wealth – and we believe that we do these both, the best!

That is why 98% of our business comes through referrals only!

Finance Point Australia has helped 100s of clients and made their dreams of owning a home in Australia come true. We do this by fully educating you on how mortgage works, discussing your future plans and aligning them with the structure of your mortgage, so that you can achieve just that.

We hold your hands right from the moment you think about buying your home or investment property and carefully assist you through every step until you get the keys. We do this by educating you on the mortgage process, providing you with full property market intelligence for the property you have interest in, connecting you to our panel solicitors, processing your Government grants application, dealing with your real estate agents, developers or builders (in case you are building), and of course getting your finance approved.

We also specialize in refinancing your home loan and releasing equity (if required), by switching you to the right lender with most competitive offers.

It just doesn’t stop there; we review your mortgage at regular intervals to ensure that you have the most suitable loan for your needs and assist you with changes in your financial needs. We keep you updated on the market outlook, industry news and updates that matter to you the most.

We are

  • Loan approval experts
  • Full MFAA & AFCA member
  • Accredited to offer products from almost all mainstream banks and non-bank lenders.
  • Able to get complex deals approved
  • Able to do FREE Valuations for your property for a true assessment of your current financial condition
  • Experts in finding the most suitable and competitive deals for you in the whole industry

….and our professional services are completely FREE!

Contact one of Our Team members to experience the difference in service and start the exciting journey with Finance Point Australia.