Community Engagement

Finance Point Australia believes in sharing it back with the community that keeps us going as a business. With that belief, we have supported several community events and will continue to do so in future.

Here is how Finance Point Australia gives it back to the community: (Please put these events as headings. There will be a 2 liner description of the event and few pictures from that event. Pictures to be taken from a separate folder named ‘sponsorship’ that will have a folder for each event.

Community Support

Finance Point Australia is always first to chip in and enjoy the community festivities!

Platinum & Naming Rights Sponsor - Ipswich Premiere League (IPL) 2019

Bronze Sponsor – Gujarati Community of QLD (GCQ) Diwali – 2019

Bronze Sponsorship - INDIA Day Fair 2017

Bronze Sponsor – Adhaar’s Garba Nights - 2017

Bronze Sponsor – Magic Moon Entertainments’ ‘Australian Dreams’ - 2016

Bronze Sponsor – Adhaar’s Garba Nights - 2016

Bronze Sponsor – Adhaar’s Garba Nights - 2015

Platinum Sponsorship - OHM's UTSAV - 2015

GOPIO’s Fund-raising dinner sponsorship